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Hey my son is such a cuddly baby! I love his chubby cheeks..Muuuah…Thay r so cute!

But, hey Mommies Beware! By the time your lil sweetheart reaches teenage, he/she is gonna hate you for allowing him to grow this way.

Their peers are gonna make fun of them.Yes, dealing with that might help them become mentally strong to an extent ; but at what cost?! Their Health in the long run?! None of us would choose to just let it be,right?

Being in Bangalore we definitely can’t ban any yummy fast food for sure.But we can surely schedule our eating habits following a fewof these  tips that I found easy to follow:

1. Plan your eat-outs to be just 4 to 5 meals each month.

2. Have a check on the ammount of chips/nachos he eats each month[not more than 2 packs/month].

3. Make him run for atleast 10 min everday to begin  with.

4. Talk to them about the ill-effects of obesity from the time they are 8 yrs old.

5. Very Important: Stress on the fact that you as a parent do not gain anything out of this regime. He/She needs to stay fit and healthy for their own happiness to last longer and stay stress-free.

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Sabsige parantha with Gongura fry.!!


You read it right cooking freaks..Its simply yum yum yum!You just cant stop licking your


Ingredients to create this magic:

Gongura fry:

A huge bunch of gongura leaves(Throughly rinsed)

15 to 20 byadigi chillies

3 onions


Sesame seeds

om seeds



How to create Magic:

1. Heat a small cup of oil in a thick bottm kadai.

2.Add a spoon of om n jeera each and 3 spoons of sesame seeds

3. Coarsely mix the remaining ingredients in a blender by adding a lil water to make a

rough paste

4, Add this mixture to the hot kadai slurting with jeera n sesame seeds and salt to taste.

5. Now here comes the magic part…..Carefully simmer the heat to minimum and leave it to

cook for atleast an hour n a half by ocassionally mixing it.

6. The color of the mixture is initially green, which soon turns into reddish brown while cooking…this has to then turn into dark brown .Let it cook until then.

The longer it cooks the more you can relish the magical taste of gongura…ummm….heavenly!

Now the Sabsige Parantha:


Sabsige greens:Thoroughly rinsed and ready to use

2 Onions

6 green chillies

Aamchoor powder

dhania powder

Jeera powder

Wheat flour



1.Coarsely grind the onions, chillies and greens in a blender with a lil water.

2.Collect it in a mixing bowl.

3.Add two huge bowls of wheat flour.

4.Add 1 spoonful of aamchoor n dhania powder

5. Add 1/2 spoon of jeera powder

6. 2 spoons of oil.

Mix them in the mixing bowl and them add a lil water if required in order to knead it into a soft dough.

Now Prepare the paranthas just like the way rotis are done and relish it with yummy gongura fry and a lil butter too ;)….Believe me, its a super hot recipe you guys need to experience….Good luck folks!..:)….

Camouflaged Gold:

20140303_155505[1] 20140303_155523[1] 20140303_155550[1] 20140303_155613[1]

Day 3:

Gold!!??..You heard it right.I first thought what do I name it.Then I thought in India, Gold is one treasure which is common all across all states-NEWS and is the most precious during all happy occasions and of course impresses every Heart and also is a life-saver in times of need.

Now how did I find it in my kitchen?!!…Think of that one thing which is common and loved by all in our kitchens-NEWS, is the only life saver even in the most remote parts of India…Yes u guessed it right! It is our very own POTATO! :D……the Gold in my kitchen :)….

My art of camouflaging it is as follows…



Maida – 1 cup

Pinch of salt

2 spoons of yeast

baking soda



Potato or Alu (that/s the pet name ;)…)

green chillis

Mustard seeds



2 teaspoons of Oil

Stages of Art:

Mix all the ingredients mentioned to make a tight dough.Knead it until your hands fall down tired ..:D….Just kidding…But do knead it well and keep aside.

Bake 4 Medium sized potatoes in the micro oven  for 5 minutes until it is soft.Peel n smash them well

Prepare a thadka with oil-mustard seeds-hing-green chillies-haldi. Add the smashed potatoes and a little salt to taste.

Flatten a small part of the dough as shown in the pic and stuff it with a spoon of the alu mix.Seal it well and place it on a baking plate.

Preheat the oven for 10 minutes and then bake the little treasures on your baking plate at 380 Deg Celsius for 25 minutes.

Voila! Your camouflaged treasure is ready to be savored as an evening snack with a hot cup of masala tea with your loved ones !

Enjoy your evening folks….:)….Image

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Illusions From my Kitchen ….Contd   2 comments

Day 2 : Veggies Bird Nest….

Twirk Twirk! The name sounds so cute!..Believe me it tastes much much better :)….

The building blocks of this nest are rather spooky….Roasted Semolina or more locally called Semiya…but how would you shape it into a nest!…it ought to be a work of an artist is what you thought right?But hold on, its just a child’s game…

Now that you are sure to try this recipe, read on the main ingredients:

1. 5 Baked , peeled n smashed Medium Sized Potatoes

2. 2 finely chopped n onions

3. Jeera Salt n Garam Masala

4. Broken pieces of roasted Groundnuts

5. Maida.

6. Oil

Art of Preparation:

Heat 2 teaspoon of il in a pan n fry the jeera with onions n groundnuts until golden brown……When the smell of onions changes from ‘odour’ to ‘fragrance’ you should know that the onions r cooked perfect!now add the garam masala n salt to your tastebuds’ content(usually one tablespoon of each is ideal).Add the smashed potatoes to tis mixture and cook well for atleast 5 min so that the ingredients blend with each other like the kalakhatta on the golas (yummm!!…… 😉 ….)…..

Now Pick small portions of this mixture -Round it up——-flatten it——–..dip it in maida paste n place it on the bed of roasted Semiya….Lift n deep fry this treasure house in a hotpot of Oil……Your yummy nest is Ready to be attacked by your lil birdies :)…..Have fun!

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Illusions From the Kitchen   1 comment

Hey did i say ILLUSIONS!

You heard it right!.

When one starts Cooking (not to forget-DAILY) its the illusions that manifest into new RECIPES which makes cooking an art with many facets.

Yes I am the cooking Artist who would like to showcase my culinary skills with a passion.And here it goes ………………:)…

Day 1: 21st feb 2014

Gobi Zooomba :D….

Sounds crazy right. But wait, the recipe is still more crazier.You might have eaten the regular gobi paratha.But wht makes zoomba so unique is its Taste ofcourse and still  more crazier method of preparation.

1. Grate lots of gobi pieces in the big holed grater.

2. Add 5 teaspoons of red Wine

3. Add a twirling tinge of vinegar

4. Jeera-sprinkled to ur hearts content

5. Salt sprinkled to your blood pressures’ content

6.Garam Masala- sprinkled to satisfy your capability to tango!

7. Wheat flour to hold  the Gobi tight enough to do the tango(usually equal in amounts)

Now  pour out your heartfelt CAPACITY of water such that the wheat flour can just hold the Gobi close enough (make a tight dough cause the Gobi might loose its water after a while while reacting with the salt ). This is where your passion for cooking is tested at its peak.If you are able to pass this, the rest will just fly by.Keep it aside for 10 min and then begin to make the parathas of desired size.But wait. do not add any oil as yet until the parathas are fully cooked on both sides. place thecooked hot paratha on the plate n smoothly spread a spoon of ghee evenly on it.

Believe me kids are gonna looove you for these parathas. And yes you are indeed gonna luv yourself for such a lovely culmination ! :)…Enjoy Cooking…Ciao!

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Love for Humanity-Seems to be only on Papers!   Leave a comment

Today when the whole world is talking about market growth and the Development happening in AsianCountries I Sit to think Sometimes if it is really a “growth” or simply the spread of “Foolishness”. Our Civilization have had Thinkers from the times of chanakya and Krishna.We have been ruled by the best rulers like Akbar.But Today we open our books to read the thoughts penned down by Feyol and the studies of his countrymen! As the saying goes one rotten apple can rot the entire bunch in the basket so is our world as it shrinks through the advent of technology. Wake up  gentlemen.We need the human side of each one of you anywhere in the world to stand up and make a difference in the very ruling of the entire world -no matter which country.

No matter which country, be it the USA or UK or India or russia or any country on earth , all of us are facing the wrath of terrorrism.But who are these terrorists?! They r all just another set of humans who like us are working for their bread n butter.They have no idea of the complete plan of their mission.They r just pawns laid out by the biggest monsters of modern world – POLITICIANS!….And who are these so called politicians;Humans again! Beaurocracy is surely the strongest in our todayz world , but if they come together as one and say ” It is ENOUGH” to their own diseases like corruption and the zeal to rule the most profitable, this world is indeed gonna be the heaven we dreamt to live in!

I agree sorrows are part and parcel of living but atleast let us make an attempt to not let it come from our own species!

Everyone of us have a lure to love somebody and it is surely natural. And in this process we tend to have failures and successes which are strongly expressed in all parts of the world. You talk about a love story and the first thing that comes to our mind is a man and a woman in love n their story henceforth. That indicates the ammont of individual attention one gives oneself keeping the rest of our fellowmen out of their inner circle.This inner circle is also shrinking into just ‘me’ and ‘ my profits’….I t is high time Thinkers of the beaurocracy start thinking in the well being of every human on earth be it a Kashmiri or afghanistan or to a matter of fact even in the US or UK or China or India.So many generations of youngsters are being bullied into being terrorists from a tender age…Save them!…Save the innocents.!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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