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Today when the whole world is talking about market growth and the Development happening in AsianCountries I Sit to think Sometimes if it is really a “growth” or simply the spread of “Foolishness”. Our Civilization have had Thinkers from the times of chanakya and Krishna.We have been ruled by the best rulers like Akbar.But Today we open our books to read the thoughts penned down by Feyol and the studies of his countrymen! As the saying goes one rotten apple can rot the entire bunch in the basket so is our world as it shrinks through the advent of technology. Wake up  gentlemen.We need the human side of each one of you anywhere in the world to stand up and make a difference in the very ruling of the entire world -no matter which country.

No matter which country, be it the USA or UK or India or russia or any country on earth , all of us are facing the wrath of terrorrism.But who are these terrorists?! They r all just another set of humans who like us are working for their bread n butter.They have no idea of the complete plan of their mission.They r just pawns laid out by the biggest monsters of modern world – POLITICIANS!….And who are these so called politicians;Humans again! Beaurocracy is surely the strongest in our todayz world , but if they come together as one and say ” It is ENOUGH” to their own diseases like corruption and the zeal to rule the most profitable, this world is indeed gonna be the heaven we dreamt to live in!

I agree sorrows are part and parcel of living but atleast let us make an attempt to not let it come from our own species!

Everyone of us have a lure to love somebody and it is surely natural. And in this process we tend to have failures and successes which are strongly expressed in all parts of the world. You talk about a love story and the first thing that comes to our mind is a man and a woman in love n their story henceforth. That indicates the ammont of individual attention one gives oneself keeping the rest of our fellowmen out of their inner circle.This inner circle is also shrinking into just ‘me’ and ‘ my profits’….I t is high time Thinkers of the beaurocracy start thinking in the well being of every human on earth be it a Kashmiri or afghanistan or to a matter of fact even in the US or UK or China or India.So many generations of youngsters are being bullied into being terrorists from a tender age…Save them!…Save the innocents.!

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