Illusions From my Kitchen ….Contd   2 comments

Day 2 : Veggies Bird Nest….

Twirk Twirk! The name sounds so cute!..Believe me it tastes much much better :)….

The building blocks of this nest are rather spooky….Roasted Semolina or more locally called Semiya…but how would you shape it into a nest!…it ought to be a work of an artist is what you thought right?But hold on, its just a child’s game…

Now that you are sure to try this recipe, read on the main ingredients:

1. 5 Baked , peeled n smashed Medium Sized Potatoes

2. 2 finely chopped n onions

3. Jeera Salt n Garam Masala

4. Broken pieces of roasted Groundnuts

5. Maida.

6. Oil

Art of Preparation:

Heat 2 teaspoon of il in a pan n fry the jeera with onions n groundnuts until golden brown……When the smell of onions changes from ‘odour’ to ‘fragrance’ you should know that the onions r cooked perfect!now add the garam masala n salt to your tastebuds’ content(usually one tablespoon of each is ideal).Add the smashed potatoes to tis mixture and cook well for atleast 5 min so that the ingredients blend with each other like the kalakhatta on the golas (yummm!!…… 😉 ….)…..

Now Pick small portions of this mixture -Round it up——-flatten it——–..dip it in maida paste n place it on the bed of roasted Semiya….Lift n deep fry this treasure house in a hotpot of Oil……Your yummy nest is Ready to be attacked by your lil birdies :)…..Have fun!

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2 responses to “Illusions From my Kitchen ….Contd

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  1. Add carrots and peas to make it more nutritional 🙂

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  2. ARchana, can you please put up a picture of this!!! will make it more interesting


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