How to deal with Obese Kids?   Leave a comment

Hey my son is such a cuddly baby! I love his chubby cheeks..Muuuah…Thay r so cute!

But, hey Mommies Beware! By the time your lil sweetheart reaches teenage, he/she is gonna hate you for allowing him to grow this way.

Their peers are gonna make fun of them.Yes, dealing with that might help them become mentally strong to an extent ; but at what cost?! Their Health in the long run?! None of us would choose to just let it be,right?

Being in Bangalore we definitely can’t ban any yummy fast food for sure.But we can surely schedule our eating habits following a fewof these  tips that I found easy to follow:

1. Plan your eat-outs to be just 4 to 5 meals each month.

2. Have a check on the ammount of chips/nachos he eats each month[not more than 2 packs/month].

3. Make him run for atleast 10 min everday to begin  with.

4. Talk to them about the ill-effects of obesity from the time they are 8 yrs old.

5. Very Important: Stress on the fact that you as a parent do not gain anything out of this regime. He/She needs to stay fit and healthy for their own happiness to last longer and stay stress-free.

Posted July 8, 2015 by Archana in parenting

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