Illusions From the Kitchen   1 comment

Hey did i say ILLUSIONS!

You heard it right!.

When one starts Cooking (not to forget-DAILY) its the illusions that manifest into new RECIPES which makes cooking an art with many facets.

Yes I am the cooking Artist who would like to showcase my culinary skills with a passion.And here it goes ………………:)…

Day 1: 21st feb 2014

Gobi Zooomba :D….

Sounds crazy right. But wait, the recipe is still more crazier.You might have eaten the regular gobi paratha.But wht makes zoomba so unique is its Taste ofcourse and still  more crazier method of preparation.

1. Grate lots of gobi pieces in the big holed grater.

2. Add 5 teaspoons of red Wine

3. Add a twirling tinge of vinegar

4. Jeera-sprinkled to ur hearts content

5. Salt sprinkled to your blood pressures’ content

6.Garam Masala- sprinkled to satisfy your capability to tango!

7. Wheat flour to hold  the Gobi tight enough to do the tango(usually equal in amounts)

Now  pour out your heartfelt CAPACITY of water such that the wheat flour can just hold the Gobi close enough (make a tight dough cause the Gobi might loose its water after a while while reacting with the salt ). This is where your passion for cooking is tested at its peak.If you are able to pass this, the rest will just fly by.Keep it aside for 10 min and then begin to make the parathas of desired size.But wait. do not add any oil as yet until the parathas are fully cooked on both sides. place thecooked hot paratha on the plate n smoothly spread a spoon of ghee evenly on it.

Believe me kids are gonna looove you for these parathas. And yes you are indeed gonna luv yourself for such a lovely culmination ! :)…Enjoy Cooking…Ciao!

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  1. nice illusion of wine to the mundane paratha !! good one archie 🙂


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